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ALLETS Network helps females, solopreneurs live on purpose, be financially literate, and have financial success.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation or if you want to book Stella as a speaker at your event.

How to Boss up your Life and Finances?

Book a strategy call

You must complete a questionnaire before booking your consultation call. Because first, it is important that you reflect upon why you want to have a consultation call. Secondly, it is important to us to get a good insight into your situation, understand it, and align expectations. That way you can get the best value from the call.

Note: The training's are also available in English, Portuguese and Dutch.

The questions are in English, but feel free to answer in Dutch or Portuguese. 

What to expect

Our clients learn to explore the broader context of their (financial) goals, the psychology behind leading a more (financial) abundant life and experiencing general well-being as result.

EPIC financial Roadmap is the process applied to design your Financial Life Planning.

6M’s For Financial Success you will improve your relationship with money. Identify your deepest needs.

  • Understand how your finances are structured
  • Understand and discover your investment options.
  • Discover how to build a secure portfolio.
  • Discover where and how to invest. And much more...

During the call, you will get recommendations that you can immediately implement yourself.


Without filling out the questionnaire you will not be eligible to get the 30 min free consultation. But if you have any questions about the trainings in general or want to have Stella as a speaker at your event, please feel free to fill out the form on our website's contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I Want This!

What Our Customers Are Saying!

I would like to say that I loved the consultation with Stella. I was totally unaware about investments i.e., where to look for genuine businesses, also about taxes which is tough to understand. Stella's honesty shines through which is very reassuring for anyone who is looking into this complex business venture. She also told me that we don’t need a lot of funds which came as a huge surprise to me -because I was always under the impression that we would need a large amount to start investing.Thank you, Stella, for the time you spent with me explaining everything so clearly. Really appreciate it.

Shoba Thejopal

Dear Stella thank you very much for all your support. The experience with your communication support and brainstorming was good it brought me more confidence and perspective for the future.Thank you dear for the consultation.

Alessandra Rodrigues

My experience with Stella was very pleasant. She is very helpful, very knowledgeable about the best way to start a business and very patient. What I liked most about my coaching from Stella is that she voluntarily took her time to show me the way. She is also very positive, and she radiates that. Her calmness is also contagious. If you want someone with knowledge, insights, patience, and the necessary experience, then I would personally highly recommend her as a business coach.

Abidah Mendes

An impressive personality who shows professional insight into all the disciplines that fall within the responsibility of the community center. Of course, for a board, this sometimes means that problems arise, but I admire the way in which Stella solves them. By looking at it almost analytically and almost strategically she knows how to find a way that makes everyone feel good. In meetings, she is for me a very valued and passionate interlocutor through which she has been able to provide insight into all disciplines within the community center, which is new to me.

Frans Kilian

I got to know Stella as a serious ambitious lady. She does the job she is asked to do with great dedication. She does not get off lightly. She also has a good analytical mind; she can indicate well where the bottlenecks are. She is not afraid of confrontation either and because of her sincerity, things are clear again after such a confrontation. When it comes down to it, she can also put things into perspective, she keeps a close eye on reality. Above all, I find her trustworthy.

Miranda Groenveld

Here under is my experience of working with Stella. I am pleased to call Stella a professional and she was always to the point but with empathy and patience helped me get my story down. I value this experience because of Stella and hope that in any small way I through Stella have contributed to others who may have or do find themselves in any of the many situations my life has brought me. I commend her sweet honesty and her dedication to helping others and I look forward to helping with other projects in the future if Stella is at the helm!

Claire Regan