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The tools to boss up your life and finances

The network provides a wide range of activities, resources, and support for self-employed females and groups. Our programs include trainings, workshops, consulting- and mentoring, seminars, and networking opportunities that are designed to help you develop your skills, knowledge, and understanding.

We also offer a range of resources to help you develop your skills and knowledge, including e-books, webinars, articles, and podcasts. Our goal is to help you become more resilient, confident, and efficient in your business and personal life.

E.P.I.C Retirement

During this comprehensive and holistic retirement planning program, you will explore your life goals and aspirations, understanding what you want to achieve in various aspects of your life, addressing crucial elements such as budgeting, investments, taxes, Estate planning, and insurance.

EPIC Financial Roadmap helps you to project your life forward, allowing you to build in the aspects that are important to you so that you can see how they will impact your financial future.

It allows you to make more informed decisions because you can see the impact those decisions will have on your future. The EPIC Financial Roadmap is a process, not a one-time event. You will revisit your Financial Roadmap regularly. 

The training is based on 4 simple modules:

    1. Establish Your Vision: In this module, you will be asked to develop a vision for your financial future. This includes learning about your values, strengths, and weaknesses, and how to master the art of self-awareness and identify your financial goals.

    2. Create Your Financial Goals: This module will help you identify the resources that you have available to support your vision, set financial goals and create a plan to achieve them. It will also help you determine the time frame for reaching your goals.

    3. Implement Your Strategy: This module will teach you how to create and implement a strategy to reach your financial goals. It will cover topics such as money management, investing, protection, and more.

    4. Monitor Your Progress: This module focuses on evaluating and monitoring your financial progress. You’ll learn how to measure your success, adjust your strategy if needed, and stay motivated to reach your goals.

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During this one-to-one training/consult for about 12 hours in total, you will learn:

  • How to discover your potential and increase your self-awareness?

  • How to manage your time, energy, and focus?

  • How to increase your productivity, learn, manage, and get organised?

  • How to create a dynamic pension plan?

  • How to manage, increase and protect your finances?

6M’s for Financial Success

The 6Ms for Financial Success is a six-week course that is offered both in-person and online. The course is designed to help individuals create healthy relationships with money. The 6Ms for Financial Success offers individuals the opportunity to learn about their personal money story, understand their relationship with money, and create a plan for their financial future. The training covers six main topics:

    1. Money Mindset - Learn how to change your attitude and beliefs about money and create a positive money mindset.

    2. Money Management - Understand the basics of budgeting, saving, and debt management.

    3. Money Market - Explore investment options.

    4. Money Matters - Develop the skills to make informed decisions about your financial future.

    5. Money Machines - Discover the power of passive income and creating multiple streams of income.

    6. Money Moves - Put your new money habits into action and create a plan for success.

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At the end of the course, you will have a clear understanding of your money story, your relationship with money, and a plan of action to help you reach your financial goals.

The course also provides additional resources to help you stay on track and accountable for your financial journey.

The pension Q4

The retirement quadrant is a financial planning tool used to identify the best pension income strategies for everyone’s unique financial situation. It is based on a four-quadrant map that divides the financial approach to retirement into four distinct categories: asset accumulation, income generation, withdrawal-based, and lifestyle-based. Each quadrant represents a different approach to retirement planning and contains strategies that can be used to achieve secure retirement income.

    The asset-accumulation quadrant focuses on building as much wealth as possible during the years leading up to retirement. Strategies used in this quadrant include investing in stocks, bonds, and funds, setting up a retirement plan such as IRA, and saving for retirement.

    The income-generation quadrant focuses on generating a reliable income stream from both investments and Social Security or other sources of guaranteed income. Strategies used in this quadrant include choosing investments with a reliable dividend or interest rate, setting up annuities, and taking advantage of Social Security benefits.

    The withdrawal-based quadrant focuses on creating a retirement plan that allows for a gradual withdrawal of funds over time. Strategies used in this quadrant include creating a withdrawal strategy that is tailored to everyone.

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During this workshop you will learn:

  • How to create an appropriate retirement lifestyle portfolio?

  • How to maximize your retirement income?

  • What are the tax implications of retirement savings?

  • What retirement vehicles are available and what are the pros and cons of each?

  • How to manage your expenses and develop a plan for retirement income?

  • How to protect your retirement savings from inflation?

Not sure what would be best for you?

We believe that the trainings will provide you with the skills and knowledge to effectively navigate life’s challenges and create meaningful opportunities for yourself. Our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself and find satisfaction in your professional and personal life. Therefore, we are super excited to start this journey with you and hope to welcome you as one of the participants in our training. The training is offered in Dutch, Portuguese, and English.

We are confident that you will enjoy and benefit from this training experience. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to book a free-of-charge strategy call.

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