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Customer cases

Their story through financial well-being.

We have selected for you a few stories from our customers for you to see how much Allets Network can help you transform your life throug financial well-being.


Self-employed caterer

The story of a client, Laura.

Laura is an excellent self-employed caterer, and she is extraordinarily successful. However, due to a divorce, her life changed dramatically. Laura felt very overwhelmed, as she was struggling to survive and keep up with her responsibilities. The problem that Laura faced was twofold.

First, she had to cope with the emotional trauma of the divorce, while simultaneously managing the financial hardship that it created. Second, she had to adjust to a new role as a single parent, while at the same time taking care of her 8-year-old son and keeping a roof over their heads.

She felt ashamed and embarrassed, as she had to ask for help from her friends, and even strangers. And she didn’t have any family around. In her mind, she felt like she was losing control and direction in her life. At this point, Laura was in a very dark place and had no idea how to move on in her life. She was stuck in a vicious cycle of worrying about money, being unable to make progress in her life, and feeling like a failure. I recommend Laura reached out to a therapist to help her cope with the stress and depression she was experiencing.

Additionally, I helped her to set goals for her life and career that were achievable, yet still challenging. Through working with me, Laura was able to regain a sense of control over her life and to re-establish her identity. I helped her learn how to manage her time, prioritize her tasks, and organize her life. I also helped Laura to develop a plan of action to improve her financial situation and build a strong support system.

The result

Through these efforts, Laura was able to begin to move forward with her life and to begin to feel more secure in her newfound identity. Laura regained her sense of control and self-esteem and was able to manage her stress levels, refocus her energy and resources, and start her business again. Laura was also able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and find ways to take care of herself.

She was able to create a healthy balance between her life and her business. She began to engage in activities that she enjoyed. She was also able to find a new purpose in her life and find a way to support her son and herself. Laura is now a successful businesswoman and a much-needed role model for her son.


Stay-at-home mom

The story of Betina.

She was dealing with the sudden loss of her husband and the financial responsibility of providing for her children and elderly mother while also dealing with her own grief. This was a huge burden emotionally and financially. Can you imagine how hard it was for her to cope with all her responsibilities? Consequently, she also began to have health problems and to be heavily indebted.

I also started by listening to Betina's story and offering her a compassionate, non-judgmental space to talk about her grief and her situation. I suggested connecting with a mental health professional to help her deal with her grief.

I then explored her financial situation and the options available to her. I helped her develop a plan that addressed both her short-term needs and her long-term goals.

The solution

This plan included budgeting, understanding her financial obligations, exploring ways to generate additional income, and identifying other resources available in the community that could help her financially. Having her tailored made financial plan was essential for her future security and peace of mind.

The result

It helped her relieve the stress of the financial situation to prepare for the unexpected. It provided her with a sense of control and the knowledge that she was making the best use of her resources therefore can provide for herself and her loved ones. Finally, I encouraged her to take care of herself by engaging in activities that bring her joy and provide her with a sense of purpose.