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Boss up your life, Boss up your finances.

Financial autonomy is a life style. Not a destination.

I want, I can, I do, I am !

Are you seeking for professional guidance to improve your socio-economic status?

There are many organisations that focus on helping women to improve their socio-economic status, but Allets Network is unique in that it provides information and support specifically for self-employed women.

Our vision : A world where all women are financially literate and wealth.

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A photo of Stella Vas, helping you boss up your life by bossing up your finances.

What can Allets Network do for YOU?

The topics that Allets Network covers include:

  • Setting and achieving personal and financial goals.

  • Budgeting and money management.

  • Building wealth by learning how to create different streams of income.

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Invest in yourself

The following are key points to consider when embarking on your financial route:

The first step in any journey is to set your destination.

The same is true for your financial life. What do you want to achieve in your life?

How much do you need to save and invest to reach your goals?

What are your targets for retirement, children's education, and other important life themes?

In short, you need to set your goals clearly and identify what you want to achieve. This will help you to visualise how your life decisions may affect your finances in the long run.

This is important because when it comes to your life and finances you can get lost, anxious, stressed, and feel overwhelmed, because you don’t have clarity about what to do financially and end up not getting to where you intend to go.

    So, when should you invest in yourself?

  • If you are a self-employed woman.

  • If you are experiencing a lack of purpose and discipline.

  • If you feel demotivated and overthink too much.

  • If you want to have more money and freedom.

  • If you want to be financially prepared for an emergency.

  • If you want to retire but don’t know how to make your money last.

  • If you are the primary breadwinner in a young household.

Our services

icon of a rocket to describe how EPIC is the journey with the financial roadmap.

EPIC Financial Roadmap

Building your financial wealth.

With my expertise in financial planning, I use a holistic approach to financial life planning, taking into consideration all aspects of your life. I will guide you through the process of setting realistic and achievable goals.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of building wealth for the future, please contact me and we can discuss how I can help you reach your financial goals. I believe that financial stability is essential to a happy and healthy life, and I want to help independent women reach their financial goals.

An icon representing 6 coins together. 6 coins for the 6M of money.

6M’s for Financial Business

Achieve your financial goals.

Are you one of these independent women seeking proper money management? I have been in the field of finance for many years and have seen first-hand the struggles that many independent women face when it comes to budgeting, debt management, and financial planning.

I have an in-depth understanding of money mindset, debt management, and strategies to help build better financial habits. I work closely with you to identify and eliminate obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving your financial goals.

icon of a flower growing in the soil

The Pension 4Q

Your retirement plan.

I help you develop a retirement plan that meets your financial goals while considering your current and future needs. I engage in educational activities to help you understand your retirement planning better. This enables you to make more informed decisions about your finances. My mission is to help women understand your financial situation and make the best decisions for their retirement planning.

They gained their independance

I loved the consultation with Stella.

I was totally unaware about investments i.e., where to look for genuine businesses, also about taxes which is tough to understand.

Stella's honesty shines through which is very reassuring for anyone who is looking into this complex business venture. She also told me that we don’t need a lot of funds which came as a huge surprise to me. Thank you, Stella, for the time you spent with me explaining everything so clearly. Really appreciate it.

Shoba Thejopal


My experience with Stella was very pleasant. She is very helpful, very knowledgeable about the best way to start a business and very patient. What I liked most about my coaching from Stella is that she voluntarily took her time to show me the way.

She is also very positive, and she radiates that. Her calmness is also contagious. If you want someone with knowledge, insights, patience, and the necessary experience, then I would personally highly recommend her as a business coach.

Abidah Mendes

Real estate entrepreneur

I followed the EPIC financial roadmap of Stella. Very insightful and made me look at my financial situation again and make some changes.

Not only she explained in a very clear and simple way how to look at my finances and my future, she shared her best practices too so I could implement the necessary changes right away”.

Thank you Stella!

Wendy Broersen

CEO & Founder @ Superpeople Company

Ready to start your journey ?

ALLETS Network speaks to people who want to be financially literate and have their money work for them.

It encourages people to use their money to live their dream life, rather than just save it. It is positioned as being helpful and encouraging, while also being realistic about the importance of financial literacy.

You can access a wealth of information and support online and in person. Book a completely free-of-charge consultation now.

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